German Journey

Chapter 1: Dancing in the Dim Light

The night in Germany did not arrive right away.
Sky was still bright at around 8 P.M.
It seemed to rain a little before my arrival, but the sky was now clear with a few clouds.
The same-o-good-looking sun was still showing her face.
But inside of my head was not bright.
I could not quite figure out how to get to Kassel from Frankfurt.
The train route seemed to be fairly simple when I checked it online, but, in actuality, it was quite complicated.
Looking at the train route map did not help me find how to get to Kassel because I could not read German.
I used all of my small brain cells, and somewhat figure out that I had to transit trains at least three times.
This was just the beginning of a long long story.

After I got in to the train, I noticed that it was taking wa-----y longer than I imagined.
The land of Germany was bigger than I thought.
When I finally arrived to the station for third transit, I found out that there was no more train for the evening.
The clock was pointing at 11 P.M.
Kassel appeared to be quite a country town.
I guess I was too used to the train schedule in Tokyo: the trains usually run until 00:30.
Although I'd already reserved for a hotel in Kassel for tonight, I was stuck in this tiny train station all by myself, alone, not knowing what to do.
The air seemed chilly for June…perhaps around 52 - 56°F?
Ah…how could I be so irresponsible?
Why couldn't I prepare ahead?
This kind of problems occurred several times in my life.
However, I could not keep blaming myself.
The first train would start running at 5 A.M.
I had 6 hours to go…
”Why don't I consider this time as a gift I am given?”

When I visit foreign countries for business, someone comes to the airport to pick me up.
After I finish checking in at a hotel, I leave my bags to the room and get back to the ride right away.
Then I arrive to the place where I do my job.
After I finish the job, there is going to be another ride to head out for a dinner.
I chat with the job-related people while eating and drinking.
As soon as I get back to the hotel room, drunk and tired, I sleep like a log.
When I wake up the next day, my ride is already waiting outside of the hotel…
What I am trying to say is: the schedule is always packed, and there is absolutely no "space" during business trip.
In this German journey, however, for better or worse, I was suddenly given 6 hours of "space".

So I wondered: how should use this given time?
I could not sleep, for sure, without a single blanket.
I didn't think that I would freeze to death, but I sure would catch a cold.
Coming all the way to Germany just to catch a cold would not be such a good story to tell.
Health was essential to do anything.

First of all, I went out of the station-which did not even have a ticket gate- and walked to the side of the building.
There was only one tiny dim light.
Not bright at all, but it was actually better that way.
I did not want to be too visible for others in a place like this.
But I still needed to keep myself warm.
Should I take a walk around?
No….it would be dangerous to walk around in a strange place, especially during the night time.
Getting mugged by bad people….not nice at all.
I would be much better off staying at this dim place.
But how could I keep myself warm without walking around?
…Well, I guess I needed to dance.

Life itself is something like a dancing stage.
Everyone gets the right to dance from the moment he or she is born.
Also, 11 P.M. in Germany was 7 A.M.. in Japan.
A day was just about to start.
There were beautiful stars at the sky.
The sight was familiar.

I can be relieved when I see something familiar in a strange place.
Something like sun, stars, and McDonalds.
For example, say, I step my foot on Mars for the first time.
If I can find a McDonald's sign, I sure will be relieved, or even impressed.
Not MgDonalds or McDonardz…it has be the usual, ordinary McDonalds from earth.
There might be criticism such as: the beauty of sight or the local authenticity is lost.
I, however, would like to admire the courage and effort of McDonalds.
They build their branches to wherever they decide to build, even if it is on Mars or Jupiter.
Regarding the local authenticity issue, I would leave the final decision to the local (Mars) people.

Now, where were we...

Ear phones were put on.
Quiet beats slowly started.
Stepping my toes and nodding my head.
The sound decorated the air.
My palm was open, and I pointed my fingers.
Bent my arm and circled.
Stage without any spotlight.
The dynamic beats that dominated the place.
They surrounded me.
Layers of sound were formed.
Fragile, yet, passionate tone of voice.
What a powerful energy.
He was having so much fun.
I just rode on it.
Leaving my body on the sound waves.
A world was constructed.
I could feel the presence of musicians.
They were surrounding me.
A shiny free world.
Such a gorgeous time.
I could move my body any way I wanted-what could be more fortunate than that?

Not everything goes as planned.
I cannot have everything I want.
Sometimes, I get frustrate.
But music makes me forget about such small things.
Because of music, I can feel like I am connected to the world.
I can feel the humanity.
I can feel the emotions.
I can feel the history.
Then, I can finally find the value within myself.
Musicians are giving such messages, aren't they?

Dancing in the dim light.
I would be too ashamed to dance in front of other people.
I would dance just for myself.
My body was starting to warm up,
and many thoughts were arising in my head.

I thought of the time when similar thing happened before.
What has changed and what has not?
Do I think differently?
Do I still have the same belief?
How many years have passed since the incident?
Am I still walking a straight path?

I had come a long way, and that was possible because of…
the help from so many people.
I didn't think I could appreciate them more.

True friends whom I can open my heart.
Beautiful friend.
Colorful decorations, and the people who admire them.
Clear eyes.
Clear air.
Marvelous color of mother nature.
The frontiers who built towns and cities.
Music that vibrates my heart.
Mystery of life.
Countless pure wonders.
Impacts that awake us.
The Spinning world.
The equally given time.
Today that never comes back.

When I noticed, 6 hours have already passed.

(To be continued to Chapter 2)


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