Scoop Brancisco's Sets Up New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year of 2019!!

Scoop Brancisco has finally set up his New Year's Resolution.

"Three works per year, and an exhibition per ever 6 months. Simple as that."

Scoop Brancisco states.

Scoop Brancisco Plays with Wood Louses

Scoop Brancisco has been playing with Wood louses in the garden.

They curl up their bodies and become like "balls" for self-defense purpose.

They were once edgy.

Now, they are quite mellowed out.

Now, they have something to protect.

There is a risk to become edgy.

Wood louses see from a rational point of view.

They keep the soil rich as unsung heroes.

Perhaps, they will not regret even when they pass away as is.

However, he is not Wood louse.

He cannot keep hiding himselm under the red brick.

He always seeks for the light.

He gives unstinted praise to the sun.

He holds the heat and courage in the hands.

Offense is the best defense.

Look ahead, my friend. If you have time to curl up, look ahead.

Move forward, even for just 1mm or 0.1mm.

By saying so, wood louse forgets that he is a wood louse.

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