Interview #5

Scoop Brancisco: About Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus...

Mr. Koe: What...what did you say?

S: I mean, Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus.

Mr.K: Aspara...what??

S: It's about the simple dish that you wrap asparagus with bacon.

Mr.K: You mean the one that you see in Japanese sake place? What about it?

S: I made it last night, but I'm kind of hesitating now whether I should introduce it as 'cooking'.

Mr.K: What? Cooking...of what? What are you talking about?

S: Man, why is it SO damn difficult for this conversation to progress?

Mr.K: Because you are not making any damn sense!!

S: I'm just hesitant to put the Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus in my website as real 'cooking'.

Mr.K: Oh, alright. That sounds pretty meaningless.

S: It isn't for me! I'm dead serious!!

Mr.K: Are you saying that this little conversation is going to be on the web too? Stupid, man (lol), really (lol), this is SO stupid (lol). What are trying to accomplish with your site, anyways? lol

S: Enough of using the (lol) signs!! What's so funny about?

Mr.K: Tell me, what is the problem with Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus?

S: The problem is that...it's too simple. I'm not sure if I can really call it 'cooking'.

Mr.K: Yeah, basically, it is just a bunch asparagus wrapped with bacons. I bet monkeys or dogs can make one, even amoebae can.

S: What the...are you CRAZY? Amoebae cannot make Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus!

Mr.K: Yea...maybe you're right. Plankton can, right?

S: Forget the microbes! We are talking about Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus here!

Mr.K: What about it? Did it taste that bad?

S: No it did NOT taste bad! It tasted great!

Mr.K: I'm sorry. So what are you complaining about, again?

S: I just wonder if I can call it 'cooking'...

Mr.K: That's just silly, really. It's just a definition, right? Isn't cooking all about tasting good or bad when you put the dish in your mouth? Isn't that what's truly important?

S: How can it be that simple?

Mr.K: You are thinking too much. What's in front of you...that's reality and fact. Words aren't important here.

S: Hmm...well, yeah...

Mr.K: There are many people just like you, who can't progress for being such a stickler for little things such as 'definition'. It all sounds silly to me though...

S: I actually do have a special, personal feeling about Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus. The name itself already sounds special.

Mr.K: Damned if I know.

S: What a thing to say, dude!

Mr.K: Well...I mean, you are talking about what the ingredients are or what the original materials are, how long it took to cook, or how hard it was and such...do they really matter? These factors don't necessarily make a work of art a 'good' work of art. That's not how it should be, right? It doesn't matter what your personal feeling are. You can't defeat your past memories anyways. The process isn't important. The result is what we should value the most, right? It's about food, after all. You cook, you eat, and you gobble up...ain't that just the way it is? Those three steps?

S: Aren't 'eat' and 'gobble up' the same thing? The heck. I will think of what measurement I should take about Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus.

Mr.K: 'Measurement'? What?? lol

S: Thanks for today.

Mr.K: What the...lol Man, you sure did waste my time. lol

Taken from Conversation between Scoop Brancisco and Mr. Kokorono Koe (July, 2011)


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