Interview #4

Morhikawa Utsuhira: "Yo."

Scoop Brancisco: "What did you get?"

MU: "I've got a green tea espresso. You?"

SB: "Just plane coffee."

MU: "The house original blend?"

SB: "I don't know. I can't really tell the taste difference anyway."

MU: "So what have you been up to? Still painting and stuff?"

SB: "Yeah, painting all the time."

MU: "Everyday?"

SB: "Every...doesn't matter. What about you?"

MU: "Oh, you know. Work work work. Aren't you gonna show any of your new stuff?"

SB: "Hold on....there. My site."

MU: "Team Sober Artists, CD...News paper, Take me out Jacket...and artist license......? These are what you've been up to?"

SB: "Is there any problem?"

MU: "You said you were painting all the time!"

SB: "Yes, I have. I have been dragging myself to paint."

MU: "You don't have any new paintings?"

SB: "Of course I do. There are "Relationship" series, "Caged", "Artist Studio -3 Minutes Later", "Money Bed"..."

MU: "They are all your old paintings!!"

SB: "Yeah...well, old or bold, it doesn't matter. Painting takes unbelievable amount of time, amigo, and I never had enough time to finishing them back in the days."

MU: "So, you consider them finished now?"

SB: "Almost.....not quite. They look kinda complete, but they can use a couple more layers, I guess. .....no, actually, they're done. Let's call it done."

MU: "Well, can't you just move on already? What is the point of finishing the paintings that are 4-5 years old?"

SB: "This IS how I am moving on. If I leave them paintings incomplete, I will probably regret for the rest of my life. How can I move on when I have regret? If I can still fix something that I am regretting, I'll try to fix it. It's that simple, alright?"

MU: "Yeah, but what I am asking is...did you HAVE to do that? The world would have been the same wether or not you finished those paintings. Maybe you have just wasted a whole year of your life time."

SB: "Wasted......what? No no no. Are you saying that paintings that can not change the world would be total waste?"

MU: "I didn't say that."

SB: "If you say that, most paintings in the contemporary art world is waste. Can't you be a bit more sensitive, my friend?"

MU: "Well, I didn't talk about other artists. i was talking about you specifically."

SB: "The paintings were talking to me: 'Don't go away, finish us before you go.' Can't you see? They are like my kids."

MU: "But they are still your old works! Don't you have anything new to show?"

SB: "Orphans.....they are like orphans. Do you just walk away when you see orphans on the street, asking for paints? Are you that cold-blooded monster?"

MU: "No, I'm not...you don't seem to answer my questions. You've got any new..."

SB: "It is my responsibility to educate the orphans and find places where they can settle. Somewhere with roof, of course. It's a lot of work, my friend-a lot more than ignoring the orphans on streets who are asking for paints."

MU: "Orphans usually don't ask for paints! They usually ask for..."

SB: "How do you know?"

MU: "I was an orphan myself."

Chat between Scoop Brancisco and Morhikawa Utsuhira, took place on October, 2010


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