Scoop Brancisco Shows Some Stuff at Gallery Class

Scoop Brancisco showed some stuff at Gallery Class, Nara, Japan

"It was so damn tough this time..." Mr. Brancisco says.

"New idea, new material, new was a huge challenge, I may say.
It was simply struggle against time and myself...consequently, I did cause troubles to the people around...which was bad."

Mr. Brancisco raised his eyebrows.

"But I could say that it was meaningful because of the huge challenge.
It would be boring if everything goes as planned. What I am looking for are unexpected accidents, struggles, and disco-coveries."


There are many uncertainties in the world.
Even one pretends that everything is certain, in fact, nothing is.
That could be said no matter how old one is or experienced.
The world is broad.
Time is limitless.
One can grow only when one continues challenging.
The world expands itself.

Scoop Brancisco Shows Some Stuff at Aguascalientes, Mexico

Scoop Brancisco showed some stuff at Mexico.

Mr. Brancisco has been doing this "Back Exhibition" for a long period of time.
How many more times is he planning to do it?

"How the heck would I know? For the rest of my life, perhaps?" Mr. Brancisco says.

He has been doing so many Back Exhibitions, both domestically and internationally.
What kind of thoughts does he have now?

"How the heck would I know? I'm getting tired of it, actually." Mr. Brancisco continues. 

"No matter how many times I do, nothing changes. The world never changes...
I hope they will understand my intension, someday, but it's difficult.
Feels like I want to jump into the pool."   

Scoop Brancisco Shows Some Stuff at Eito Eiko, Tokyo

Scoop Brancisco participated at "Bowl of Langerhans", group exhibition at Eito Eiko, Tokyo, Japan.

eitoeiko is pleased to announce six artists' group exhibition 'Bowl of Langerhans'. The exhibition supposes a story of Japan. In 2006, the current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the government should make 'Beautiful Country'. Now, where have all the Japanese flowers gone? The exhibition makes you advance a half step toward the future of the beauty of Japan. Shusuke Ao(b.1981, Ibaraki) titled his machine-like artwork 'FSS Type F'. The wall-hanging object means a kind of Flight Support System, it guarantees a flying without moving. The inside-out aircraft was evoked from 'Space Can' by Genpei Akasegawa(b.1934- ). Ryota Shimamoto(b.1986, Tokyo) studied ceramics from Kinpei Nakamura(b.1935- ) at Tama Art University. Shimamoto attempts to reveal the friction between Japanese culture and Western culture. His unique viewpoint is that he imagines a new creature when he got to hear an English or the other foreign language word which he has never been heard. By assuming the word means a monster's name, he summons a new yokai, traditional Japanese style monster. Nonsense is a continuous bass of Japanese subculture. Ryuta Tanii(b.1979, Hyogo) draws Tokyo cityscape with pop candy colors. By undressing people, Tanii indicates what a literally open society is. At the same time, he attempts to reconstruct the relationship between painting and photography. Meanwhile, in brand new three photographs of Nipporini(b.1963, Tokyo), the artist explores personal memories of his neighbor Uncle Sato. The model wears old Japanese military uniform which his father used. Time changed, war was over, and then he became the image of his father. Photograph separates the object from time as well as time separates the object from meaning. Yuki Hashimoto(b.1988, Aichi) studied printmaking and ceramics in university. Recent series of Hashimoto represents portraits in cell-phones. The artist indicates how everyday life in Japan depends on the latest technology. Scoop Brancisco(b.1979) got his B.A. in San Francisco University and got his M.F.A. in Hawaii University. Hanging his painting on his back, Brancisco held his exhibition in the world, for example in Kassel for Documenta, at the top of Mt. Fuji. The heart of his performance is an irony. The artist throws a question for systems and rules. The exhibition 'Bowl of Langerhans' classifies artworks in three keywords "Impossible Challenge", "Fortitude" and "Heart of Japan". It is an attempt to approach the alternative image in Japan.

Scoop Brancisco Uploads "The Longest Night in Kelseyville" and "German Journey #1"

Scoop Brancisco has finally uploaded"The Longest Night in Kelseyville" and "German Journey #1".

"A man's life is fifty years...I think it is about time for me to look back my own life," Mr. Brancisco states.

Expression with words: it is quite surprising for an artist who disliked words and chose not to write or speak but spoke only with his paintings. That was just 7 to 8 years ago. What kind of psychological change was there?

"No, I did not change. Nothing has changed, in fact. The society has changed. I am not doing anything wrong. If you want to blame, blame the society, not me."
Mr. Brancisco raised his eyebrows.

By the way,"The Longest Night in Kelseyville" is a collaboration piece with Satoshi Takahira.

"Permission from the artist? Yes, yes, or course, my friend, that is of course."
Mr. Brancisco says.

"Well, for this kind of unpopular site, it should be...well, you know."

Scoop Brancisco Sets Up New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year!
I wish the year of 2014 is going to be fruitful and filled with joy and pleasure for all of you.
Allow me to avoid the arguement that it is already April and why I am talking about New Year now.

April is the month that people usually set up new year's resolution.
"My New Year's resolution, precisely, is to make thirty works of fart, I mean, art."
Mr. Brancisco states.

This kind of certain "number" was not part of his target in his past activity.
This is, in fact, unusual.

"Everything in this world is ruled with numbers." Mr. Brancisco says,
"I am sick and tired of using ambiguous expression. This year is all about making thirty. I don't care about the quality. I will summarize on December 31st. If I can reach thirty, I win. If not, I lose. It's that simple." Mr. Brancisco continues, 
"By losing, I mean, you know...I am reaching a good age...good age to speak with responsibility. At least, let me assure this: whether I can make thirty or not, and if not, what may happen...that is either small or big, or in a level of different dimension...I mean, not that I don't care about it, but it may change or not change, I do or don't know that I know about it, but I can at least say that I cannot be so sure about it in a sense of floating wonder and matter, I hope." 

Scoop Brancisco's Shows Some Stuff at Surabaya, Indonessia

Scoop Brancisco held another "Back Show" at Surabaya, Indonessia on December 6th, 2013.

The broken ground, continuously blowing gas, everlasting horizon, and the vivid painting in the back...but the most significant thing is its date.
It was held on December, last can that possibly be "News"?

"Well...if it's only been 4 months, it can still be called 'News', can't it?" Mr. Brancisco continues,
"Come on, give me a break. Let me give a bit of excuse, alright? In this past 4 months,

1.The server of this site was down
2.I was too busy and did not have any time even to eat
3.I lost all of my memory (amnesia)

It can be any of the above. I don't care which one. You choose whichever you prefer, my friend."

Why the site was not updated for a long time.
Which excuse would sound the most plausible.
They are not important matters.

What is important is to recognize your own weakness.
What is important is to have continuous will to improve yourself and the effort to do so.
It is never too late to challenge in a life.

Scoop Brancisco Shows Stuff at Honolulu, Hawaii

Scoop Brancisco held another "Back Show" at Honolulu, Hawaii on June 17th, 2013.

The tropical beach, under the blue sky and in front of the blue water, the painting in the back remained vivid...but the most significant thing was its date.
It was held on June, last year...more than 10 months can that possibly be "News"?

"The world seems to be spinning much faster than I think." Mr. Brancisco says,
"Actually, I really don't think that we need to be obsessed about the term 'News'. Should I use 'incident' or 'event', instead? It aint too difficult to change a term in a website, you know!"
Mr. Brancisco said in a furious tone.

In fact, the term, whether 'News','incident', or whatever, are not important at all."
What is important is to leave out arrogancy and laziness.
What is important is to continue with sincerity and patience.
Continuity becomes your power.

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